Uncle Poodle Facebook

The famous reality show star, Uncle Poodle, has revealed that he is HIV Positive. He told the world his tests results through his famous page uncle poodle Facebook. He said he contracted the virus from his boyfriend and he then encourages safe sex. He especially sent the message to his younger fans to never forget the importance of using protection when it comes to sex.  

Uncle Poodle explained how he checked his HIV status regularly. In fact, up to May 2012, he was not positive. However, in may, when he got another analysis, this results came in positive. He then found out that his boyfriend, who he trusted, was taking medicine for HIV and didn’t tell him about it. That’s why he pressed charges against his former boyfriend who kept this information from him. He then emphasized the importance of using protection, no matter how much you trust the other person. 

Uncle Poodle explained on a very intimate and brave interview that people who don’t use protection are playing Russian roulette with their lives.  He also spoke of how difficult it was for him, at the time, to press charges against his boyfriend. However, he understood he had been a victim of abuse and pressing charges was the right thing.